Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I finally found it again and I finally got it!

The MAC 188 brush and here's view of
the actual brush.

I was going to order this with my MAC online
order while they were having the 25% off but
I'm glad I waited on it because I found it at
the CCO for a much cheaper price.

It's not fluffy and big as I wish it would be.
It's a little fluffy but then it goes straight up
instead of being fluffy and round, which I don't
think it is a good powder brush but it is their famous
powder brush. So that is the only disappointment to
this brush but I'll have to try it out and see what I think
of it.

Eyeshadows, eyeshadow quad
and one paint pot.

Top: Take wings quad & sweet time
Bottom: rollin' & solar white e/s

MSF and the must have that I found!

Brunette & So Ceylon

Yes, baby you heard it right! I finally got the

So ceylon MSF that I have been dying to get!

It is such a pretty bronzer! Why didn't I get it

the thousand of time I've seen it? First, because

when you swatch it, it's pretty dark and second, I didn't

think that I'll ever use it and third, I wasn't into MSF

until now! I saw brunette in my other CCO but I got it

because after watching one of miss lollipop26 video about

this collection, she said something about this being a good

bronzer for all over the face. When I first saw it and swatch it

I was like "it's too dark for my skin," and I'll probably never use

it so I got the blonde and redhead only but now I'm going to give

this baby a try and see if it's a good bronzer or not. I doubt it'll be

as good as so ceylon but maybe it'll just work.

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