Monday, July 6, 2009

Makeup Haven

Finally this came in, as it was suppose to
arrive here on Saturday but we all know
what day that was.

An overview of everything I got.

Got a free eyeshadow and an
elf quad.

empty magnet blush palette on the left
and empty 28 magnet eyeshadow
palette on the right

I love these palettes from this store because
they are magnet and they have the plastic on
it, unlike the other kind they have in store that
has the cheap foam as the divider which is hard
to clean up when you get fall out from your blushes
and eyeshadows.

8 empty blush pan

I love these blush pan because they
store more blushes then MAC one and
they are easy and convient for on the go.

I choose these over the MAC one because
I can hold more eyeshadow meaning when
I'm traveling I can bring more shadows with me.

And this rounds up this haul.

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