Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I was cleaning and doing my makeup at
the same time and look what arrived?


My heatherette fleshpot lipstick

I can finally cross this off my
list of wishlist and MAC list.
Yes, I do have a MAC list of
products I need to get when I'm
at the CCO or at the MAC counter.

It's a satin lipstick...has anyone
notice my trend of lipstick?
Matte and satin only.....

Well, this is what I got in the mail yesterday
and one thing I have to say is that I was skeptical
about MAC items selling on ebay. I thought this
product was going to be a fake but it's a real authentic
Heatherette lipstick that this seller had bought from his
CCO. How do I know? Well, duh a MAC addict and CCO
addict always knows what she's getting. I saw the scan barcode
stick on the box and that's how I knew it was from the CCO. I'm
okay with it because all of the CCO I went to didn't have fleshpot
at all. If they did, I would have gotten it myself but the one thing
I am most happy with is that it's an authentic MAC lipstick!!

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