Sunday, July 12, 2009

Goodbye MAC Quad

This is a tribute to all my MAC quads, good bye
and farewell. I really don't want to depot these
babies but I feel like I should. I have no
more room in my vanity and the most important
is that, if I keep them in these quads I will forget
about them and won't remember to use them.
So far the only eye shadow I kept using is vanilla
which is a must have. So at the end, I have decided
to depot them.

Good Byes
I love my quads as they are easy to travel
with but let's face it, I'll never touch it if I
don't depot them. The only time I would if
I was traveling, which comes once in a while.





I haven't heard about this quad but I found
it at the KC CCO. From the name, I'm guessing
it came out with the sugar sweet collection. I'm
not sure if it was a nordstorm edition quad or what
but I didn't see it at the MAC stand or online. If
anyone knows which collection this quad came with
let me know because I am very very curious and dying
to know...yes I am dying to know it always stump on me
and I can't seem to forget about it.

Look how beautiful they are!

I am keeping the two newer quad, just the quad itself without
any eyeshadow and the fafi quad as memory and as a quad
so I can travel with when I travel long distance.

I have depotted them already, yesterday and the hubby helped.
I took the quad apart and he did the hard part, taking off the glue
from the back of the pans, a pain in the butt! So I have kept 3 quads
out of 5, the other two will be going to recycling with my other mac

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