Sunday, August 2, 2009

July Favorite's

For this month, I can definitely say that there are quite a lot
of things that I have been loving this month. I have tried out
many looks and tried out different ways and style of applying
makeup, no matter if it's eyeshadow, foundation or blush....any
thing that has to do with beauty and fashion, I would say this
month is the month that I can freely say that I have went out of
my comfort zone! Here goes....
  1. lip products: no matter if it's lipstick or glosses

I have been loving it a whole lot and been quite

addicting to them. My lips has never felt better

and so good! I have been playing with all of my lippies.

I have played it safe with nudes and pinks but other times

I have made a statement by wearing bright bold pinks

on my lips! I'm lovin' it!

2. I have been using my beauty blender a lot, a whole

lot this month. I would have to say probably the whole

month of July I have been using these baby instead of

my regular brushes. IDK but somehow I tend to grab these

blender over my brushes. I have to say I am pretty impress

with them and have been loving them since and quite seem

to not put them down and use my brushes?? But I guess I am

getting the money worth of these baby out...LOL

3. Out of all the pencil liner I own, I kept grabbing for my

urban decay 24/7 pencil in yeyo and zero. I haven't play that

much with the white one but I will say this, I have used it on

my water line throughout this whole month! One other thing is

that I have been sharpening my zero eyeliner pencil quiet a lot

this month and I have seem to notice that the length is shrinking.

Hahaha..I know I'm just using it way too often that's why it's


4. I have been so in love with the MUFE concealer palette in N1

but this month I have been trying out a new product and it's the

MAC moisturecover concealer in NC30. My overall impression of this

product is that it comes out heavily, if you don't want that much pro-

duct you will have to dap the wand lightly and gently on your under eye

area or else you'll definitely get a lot out of a tiny wand. I guess it is

good that such a small package comes with a lot of product in it so you're

basically getting your money worth of it!

5. Since I have been outside quiet a lot this month, I would most

definitely say that more then any of the last past month. I really

don't like the sun..hahaha...meaning that I hate getting tan and dark!

Yes, I don't tan nor do I like sunburn or getting dark just because you're

outside. I don't get sunburn obviously because thanks to sun block

but I do hate getting dark. I think I am dark enough to the point

where I don't want to be darker then this...With this to say I have

been loving lots and lots of sunscreen on my face and all over my

body where ever there is skin exposing to the sun.

6. The second favorite beauty product, of mine, for this month

is blue eyeshadow! Lately I have been loving the color blue

a lot. I have been wearing lots of blue clothes, shoes, nail

polish and of course, blue eyeshadow. This is my first time in

a long long time doing a blue look. I remember the last I did a

blue eyeshadow look was when I was a freshmen in high school.

I still think it's dramatic, not quiet my style and taste but if I keep

practicing I will get better and eventually I think I will look at least

decent in it. At the moment, I think it's too dramatic for me and some

how i feel that it makes a statement when I'm out in the city...we'll

have to see how it goes but I do plan to play with the blues I have

and do more blue look so I will update how I feel about blue eyeshadow.

7. I have not play with my paint pot a lot this month but I will

say that I have play with those shades that I forget playing with

and I must say, "I love them!"

8. My number one product that I kept grabbing and reaching for is

my mineralized skinfinish natural in medium plus! I have been loving

this product to set my foundation in or I use it alone on days that I

want less coverage. But one thing I have found out by wearing this

product is that even if you wear it alone, it gives a medium coverage

and if you want more you can build it up. But the one thing that I'm

so happy that I have played with this product again is that it looks

so natural, flawless and it looks like you're wearing a liquid foundation!

If a powder makes you look like you are wearing a liquid foundation on

then I must say, "that it's damn good and worth the money." I have read

a couple years ago how people just wear this mineralized skinfinish

alone and I was like, "why would they?" But now I have tried it out for myself

and I am so happy because this is my new has been awhile that

I have been excited about a product! I now can trust that never judge a

product by it's cover or look because you'll be amaze at the result!

8. I have been using refined golden bronzer the whole time this month

so I will say it is a favorite of mine but I don't know if it would count

as a July favorite since it has been in my other month's favorite.

9. I have been loving the new style of skirts. You know the one that

kinds of flare out, not those regular skirts that go straight down.

I will show a photo later if I have to. But I have been addicting to

these skirts and I have been loving them!

10. I have went out of my comfort zone and tried a new style. For me

I always like to dress either, fashion diva, adorable and cute. But for

this month I have gone for a more causal and sophisticated the

new trend you would see in the magazine like...seventeen, glamorous,

websites like forever 21 or wet seal. I'm usually a person who's afraid to

take risk in life and it's always hard for me to make a big decision. But I

have come to my senses that I need to loosen up and play around and

see what suits me and what doesn't. So I will be getting out of my comfort

zone and start trying out new things...

I think this is it for my july favorite. I did have alot on my mind

and to say about my july favorite but at the moment my mind

is wandering off and it seem to can't think any longer. I don't

have a particular favorite blush this month because I have been

playing with all of my blushes from higher end to drugstore brand.

I want to use up everything that I have and play around and see

what I am missing out on and which are really favorites of mine.

I guess next month, I will be doing this blog when my head tells me

to do it right then or else I will definitely lose some this one..

So what's your july favorite?

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