Friday, August 28, 2009

Whoooa! Was that fast?

OMG! I made it through this week of school! In the middle, of this week I thought I was soo going to quit and there was no motivation in it for me. But now, my heads held high and I have tons of things in my mind that is motivating me in continuing my education. *sigh* I'm relieved but also stress and worry at the same time. I'm actually enjoying school again, I don't know why Tues, Wed, and Thurs made me feel so bum out?? Actually, I lied, it was economic and english class that bum bum me out. It was more on the econ side then english. I like english but can you believe it. This is my first time getting suck on what to write for an essay? Like, that never happened to me before and this is a first. Any how I hope things goes well and as plan because I'm actually liking all my classes! I don't want anything to happen because I would be bore to death, sitting around at home all day....hmmm.....

For those who are in school like me, how's your first week of classes? Anything new and interesting? Most of all, what is your major, I'm actually curious and really wanting to know about others major. Let me know, okay?

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  1. Ugh, school. Luckily I don't start back up until mid-September. I better fit in a little bit of last minute Summer fun!!