Thursday, August 27, 2009

Quick Update

Hello, beauty bloggers, I hope you guys are enjoying the end of your summer. As for me, I did and I am a bit sad to say that summer has ended for me but I do love the wheather lately. I haven't been blogging because my laptop broke down a week before school started, it's being fix but I think most likely, I will be buying a new laptop....sometimes this weekend. I'm undecided on what brand and which style to get. I'm definitely not getting hp, toshiba or the cheap brand. I also wanted a sony but I guess they are just famous for the name and their stuff aren't all that. Still debating and undecided so we will have to see. This week, I started school, I'm not use to it, I am getting into the habit but I have tons of homeworks to do and no beauty sleep at all. I'm tire and frustrated on my work so I haven't had the energy of blogging. If you're wondering what happen before my lap top broke down, well, we will just say that I was lazy and I didn't feel like blogging but I did have a lot to show you guys. Hopefully, I will get a lap top this week and blog some more if I get my english paper #2 done. Uck! But I guess english class was a class I enjoy.

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