Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Collective Haul

First of all, I like to say that I am on a budget for beauty products. I
feel like I have too much and need to use it up. I don't want to fork out
the bucks but not use it or touch it..it'll just be sititng in my vanity drawer
for no good reason. These day I feel like no makeup products excite me
enough to the point that I will be desperate enough to buy it so I really am
not going through that makeup craze addiction, I was a few months ago. All
the products that I am showing in this blog are the ones that I got at the last
minute and it just happen so randomly that yes, I was in desepration that I had
to have it! I hope this explain the difference between wanting it and having it.
I don't plan to buy anything until Aug. 20 for the MAC makeup artist collection
and I think that'll be about it. As I need to use up what I have before buying more
to this massive collection...that somehow is driving me nuts because lately now I
can't decide which product to use since their is so much to choose from...
When I saw this at first sight, I knew I was going to take it and it was
going to be a brush holder! After seeing the glintzy glam brush holder
I was so envy of it and wanted one, but I don't think it's worth the bucks
on it....So I was just strolling around and this pink thing stand out on the shelf
more then anything else. Like seriously, it was calling my name..hahaha but
really it was and it was like, it was waiting for me to buy it. I grabbed it and knew
what it would be...the perfect brush holder ever! It's pink, it has a ribbon/decoration
on it and it's the perfect size..for my MAC brushes! So as you can see it's holding all
my MAC brushes! It's so cute and it looks pretty on my vanity!

I'm not sure if this pink is my favorite kind of pink but
it's a baby pink....as long as it's pink and cute I'll be taking
it home. Isn't it cute? I'm so happy I didn't order the glintzy
glam brush holder and I hold out for it but got this one instead!

I always check on this beauty site to see what they have and to see if they

have added any goodies to their site. I was cruising around and randomly

just looking and came across all these goodies. I'm so glad and excited that

I made this purchase because this is one of those haul that really makes you

jump out of your chair!

I got this stila set which contains all the award winners and

best sellers products! I'm pretty happy and excited to try all

of them out! Plus I didn't know that this was an ULTA exclusive

set which is why it's called the "ULTA"mate stila set...hahaha..

wasn't I a blondie for a moment?

People said that they love stila's packaging, for me it's not a to die for

or anything special. But to me what makes them different from other

brand is that their packing is always casual. Casual as in clothing and to

me, it's really unique and it stands out. Like not too much attention or too

little, just like when you're wearing clothes.

L-R from top to bottom: gologhtly, kitten, wheat and mystic

I love my nudes and brown so I gotta have these colors plus

as I stated earlier, I have been loving blue shadows. To me

this is like a teal blue but i haven't swatch it so I don't know yet.

But it's a pretty color just from the outside.

Top to Bottom: stila illuminating tinted moisturizer spf 15 in shade 1

and stila convertiable color in peony.

I really want to try their tinted mositurizer and see what all the rave

is all about. As you know, I already have this convertible color in peony.

I wish it was a different color but it's a pretty color it's just that I haven't

used up my other one. I might give this away to my sister because I know

she will love this product! I just do, know that she will like it a lot!

Smashbox eyeshadow in butter and pop mini ribbon gloss

in honeysuckle bronze.

I thought that this eyeshadow was going to be a champange color but

it came out a white frosty shadow with gold shimmers in it. The closet

MAC shadow would be nylon except you can't see the shimmer in it until

you actually apply it on, then you see all the shimmer. I thought it was

going to be a matte or satin shimmer because this thing can fool you for either

one of those style but really it's a shimmer. As for the gloss, it was my freebie

but I feel that the color aren't for me and aren't my favorite. I haven't swatch it

nor touch it so it might go up on ebay or I might test it out and see what I think

of it.

Smashbox O-glow, smashbox artificial light luminizer lotion in glow

and pop beauty cheeky cake in beach babe.

Don't you just love the design on this plastic bag? I do and it's so girly

girl! There are two products out of all the one I got that I'm most excited

about. O-glow is one of those product I have been eyeing and have been

dying to try it out, for a long, long time now but I can finally try it out and

see what my thoughts are on it! The other thing I'm happy about this product

is that I pay half or even less for this then I would have paid at retail or sephora!

Heheheh...the last product that I love and is in love with is the smashbox artificial

glow. As you all should know if you read my blog, that I have one of this and still do

but I feel like any day now I will run out of this product so I got me a back up. To get

that natural j-low glow and that luminious flawless look I find that this product does

the job and you don't even have to try hard....somehow this product just does the magic

and makes your face so glowy, flawless and perfect! yes, the word perfect should go out

to this product because it will deliver you with a perfect "fake" tan! I love it so much and

I haven't really love loving a product for a while as you should know. But this was my must

have product in May....I may post up a few photo from May when I went to the chicago zoo

and it will prove how flawless and glowing it makes your face looks!

Thanks to Cindy also known as pink is my favorite color on blogspot, was

having a blog sale and these are the things I got from her.

The three eyeshadow I got for a great price! I have swatch

beauty marked two times and it was a color that was undecideable

for me. I couldn't decide if I like it or hate it...it was one of those odd

and hate it or love it feeling! At the time I was like euck, yuck! But after

seeing, don't know which guru it is now but I was like...I have to have it!

L-R: beauty mark, dear cupcake and sketch

Look what I got with my package? Stickers and a card, I don't know

if you notice but I love stickers and I have been collecting them ever

since I was little! Grown up but still lovin' it!

I got the NARS sin blush. When I swatch it, it's a berry/mauve

blush. To me, my first thought were that it looks dirty but some

how I feel that I can make it work.

I love the card she wrote me, it's so me and it's so cute!

Here's a closer view of it! Of everything!

So what are your collective haul from this week or any week, that

you have been hauling?

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