Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Trans Design

So I have finally manage to make up my mind and got me some
good stuff off their sites. For those who don't know transdesign
is a site that has almost anything on it. They have skin care, makeup,
nail polishes and nail care, and many many more goodies on it. Their
site is for those who are interested. They sell nail polishes
for half the price that are sold at retail store. At first, I wasn't really interested
in this site, I was like blah...but when I saw the different brands they had beside
OPI, ORLY and CHINA GLAZE and the prices on it I was stolen away! FYI china
glaze and orly are made from the same company as OPI that's why the consistency
of the polishes are similiar and good in quality. Here's what I got.....

Amour polishes: aqua pastel, yellow pastel, green jets, beach's, sticky base coat,
central park green, station polish in sweet taro, new york polishes in hot green and
amaranth and kolor ring polish in central park green

here's what I got for acrylic kit from ez glow.
They usually give out a free item when you order from
the site but you have to be the one to add it to your cart.

I got the mini tiki kit from orly and some mini orly polishes.
top row:teeny bikini, calypso breezy, sol cabana, mint mojito
bottom row:blue collar, ruby, hype

top row: merry x-mas holiday special top coat and natural nail base coat, we'll always have paris,
over the taupe, done out in deco
bottom row: mini opi nail envy nail strengthener, chip skip, a grape fit, short story,on
the same paige!, rapid dry top coat

china glaze
Got the whole mini immaterial gurl 6 pack with a free eyelash

Here's a closer look at the colors of china glaze
turned up turquiose(neon), shocking pink (neon),
watermelon rind, heirloom organza, vintage crepe,
atelier tulle, second-hand silk, designer satin,mom's chiffon

here's a more closer look at the colors

So you're probably wondering why I got some polishes in the mini size? Well, I figure I have a lot of polishes and I'm going to get a lot more in the mail so why not get the mini size instead of the full size. Besides I know I won't used it all up or hardly get through any of it so that's why I decided to get the mini size. These mini size are so much cuter and adorable then the full size one. They are so cute when you compare the two and they are very travel friendly. It'll fit right in your bags and they are on the go friendly!
So why did I get the other unknown name brands polishes? First, because they were cheap and second, because I wanted to try a different range of brands. I have never heard of these brands before but I thought I would give it a try and see how their polishes are.
I got the orly tiki set because I just love all the colors. They are so unique and different I knew in instant that it was going to be on my list to have. Not are all the colors noticeable(hint hint) but they are also creme. Yes, this whole set is creme! The other three orly polishes are also creme but are not in this set I had to purchase them seperately.
When I first saw the swatches of we'll always have paris I knew that it was love at first sight. This polish is probably the one out of all the one that I got that I was most excited for but when it arrived I was disappointed. I love the name of this polish..don't know why but when I say it it draws the love inside of you in...get it?? Yes, I basically got it because the name draws me in and when you say's so romantic!heheh...I got the taupe one because I wanted a tuapy color and I got the light purple because I wanted a matte creme light/liliac purple. I got the two mini nail care becuase I wanted to try it out. If it goes well then I might just order the big size. I got this set out of all the set from OPI because the colors are so bright that it just draws attention to you....that's what I want attention to my nails so that's basically why I got it. I also love the packaging of this set I couldn't find myself throwing aways this box becuase it's so unique. why unique? Do you see the colors of those jeans and shorts? In reality we would think that colors like that for jeans and shorts are way too bright but in this box it's so perfect. It has a lot of attention to it! See for yourself!
I got the china glaze set becuase all the colors were the one I originally wanted but they somehow had it as a set so I got it. The size of these mini one are much bigger then the OPI or Orly ones so it should last me a long time. One other reason why I got it because they were all creme and I love every single color from this collection! Plus I got me a freebie...a 101 ardell lash..I think I have this lash but not sure since I have lots of them. Well this is it hope that ya enjoy this haul as much as I did. I did regret not taking a photo of it when I first open the box up because it was amazing...

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