Saturday, June 20, 2009

8ty8 beauty store

Look what came in the mail today...finally I am expecting
lots of packages and mail but I didn't expect this one in yet..
but it came.

when I first open it up this is how
it looked like

I got a dish dispener, nail polish corrector pen
and a dropper.
*I thought the dish was going to be bigger but
it is so tiny, what a rip off!

This is what the first box looks like

chocolate pink, green apple, you don't know jacques, strawberry margarita,
parlez-vous OPI?, and gargantuan green grape

here's a closer view of the colors

this is what the second box looks like

charged up, that's hot pink and dating a royal(this
is my favorite favorite one out of this whole haul) I
knew that I was going to love this color just from the
site. It is a rich true blue something different from my

So I think I have enough nail polishes for now.
I don't think I need any more for the rest of the years.
I think my goal now is no more nail polishes..this is more
then enough since I did get the colors I wanted. Except for
2 from OPI but I'll wait and hold out on those two.

This is it for today, I'm tire and tomorrow is father's
day so I might be busy and tire. I am tire already now
so I'll go and get my beauty sleep. Tell me what you think
of this store because I will be reviewing this one and another
one shortly.

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