Thursday, April 30, 2009

Major Haul

OMG! Yesterday(4-29-09), is my luckiest day of all. I did some major shopping. At first, I planned to come in and just pick up a necklace that I really wanted but end up looking around the store and found many goodies!

First, I got my flower necklace with pearl on it. Second, got me my swab and cotton holder. Third, I was just looking and end up buying 4 pairs of jeans out of 6 pairs. They're all skinny jean. Fourth, found me the Too Face world domintation all access backstage beauty collection for $12.99, retail price around $50 and up. Wow, what a bargain! Thinking about getting my sister one of this. I only saw 2 of them at my TJ Maxx and when it comes to cosmetics there, there's very little of each item. Ladies if you want it I suggest you get to a TJ Maxx and grab on, if there are any left. The colors are pretty and for the price and the quality it's as good as you can get. Review for this will be coming soon. Fifth, got me 2 pairs of hair extension. I saw these a few months ago but they didn't have my shade. They seem to have a lot more shade and more in, at the moment. I also got me a jacket from dollhouse. If you haven't notice I love dollhouse!

Next, I know this sounds lame but I went in to dollar tree to grab me an aluminum pan and found myself at the cosmetics aisle, it's been months since I've been here and in this aisle. Any who, I found a whole bunch of goodies of Loreal cosmetics. I found 4 different quad of eyeshadow from Loreal. I end up getting all 4 because it was a dollar a piece and I did own one loreal quad and their eyeshadow are pretty pigment. There was some eye pencil, lip gloss, and eye stuff but as you all know I'm a sucker for eyeshadow. I love eyeshadow and while others are addicted to blush, foundation, etc. , I'm addicted to eyeshadow. Don't know why but always have been ever since I was little and playing with makeup.

I don't know what else to blog about but photos of this haul will be up soon. I went to some other store and I got a lot of stuff, did some major haul and spent quite a lot but can't think of it now. So later guys....

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