Thursday, April 30, 2009


28 neutral palette
I love this palette and this is my FAVORITE palette from CS. Every color in here is wearable. The colors are pigment as always. Great for everyday wear or bridal wear. I love this palette this much that this is the one palette and item I used so much from CS. At first, I didn't really pay any attention to this palette but after giving it a chance..WOW! did I mess up because I waited too long to try this palette. At first, I was really excited to get this palette but when it arrive I hardly touch it while (x-mas season when it arrive) my older sister was the one who was enjoying this palette more then I did. Love it and will buy again even if for every lady that I love and adore in my life.


I don't remember but I am pretty sure it doesn't come with these pan. You have to purchase it separately. It's smaller then a mac palette. At first I didn't like the size because I thought it was too small but now I think it's the perfect size for on the go. Yes, I would buy this again because of the size and how cheap it cost. But the down side is that your e/s pan won't stick to this palette. I've took the foam out and put a whole strip of magnetic on it and put the foam back on but still your e/s pan won't fit. Another down side is that the divider is actually foam not plastic like the MAC ones but I guess for the price it's pretty good. Another thing about this palette that I don't like is that it's not magnetic so it means your e/s pan won't stick to it. Even after you went out and bought a roll or sheet of magnet it won't stick. But yes, i would buy this item again!

88 original palette

This palette comes with shimmer and matte eyeshadow. When I bought it it was $19.95 but since it got so popular it went up $2 more dollars. Not bad for the quality and colors that you get. I like this one more than any of the other 88 palette because I don't like all my eyeshadow to be shimmer. The colors are similiar in the other palettes but some are different. This one is most popular because you get matte and shimmer e/s. Yes, I would buy this item for myself again and as a gift.

empty pans for e/s
These pans are a lot thinner than the mac one or the one that you get if you have ordered from makeuphaven before. There's pretty much nothing to say because e/s pan will be e/s pan. For the price that you pay, you get a lot more than if you would have order elsewhere. I've research and this is the cheapest place to get these empty pans.

10 blush palette

these blush are pigment for the price you pay. every color is wearable. These last a long time. I would give this palette a 5 out of 5 stars. Yes, I would buy this again.

contour palette

You get 3 highlight, 2 blush and 1 contour shade. Pretty pigment as any of their other palette. Great quality for the price you pay and amount you get. 5 out of 5 stars

I hope you ladies enjoy my review. I know some of them aren't the best but these are my personal thoughts and ideas of it. What you see is what you get. If I didn't enjoy something honestly, I would speak my mind but so far I've really enjoyed CS cosmetics. Prices can be found at CS online store and prices can vary. Thanks and enjoy! Oops! Review on hot pots are coming soon!
I did find cheaper alternative on ebay but some people say that those on ebay contain lead while CS said that theirs doesn't contain lead and are manufacture differently from those sold on ebay. So you might want to decide which one you want and the cost.

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