Thursday, April 30, 2009

Juicy Couture Haul

I've got my shipment two days ago and I was so excited for it. I've been looking for a juicy couture bag for a while but haven't found one that I've really liked. But I got my first juicy couture handbag. It's great for a every day purse and a school bag. I really liked the viva la puddle brown handbag but it's sold out every where even on ebay. What a shame but I really was eyeing that bag so since it was gone I decided to order this one. Juicy couture is a higher end brand and their items are pricy. But the quality is what counts. Another reason why I bought hand bag from them was because they seem to always manufacture the same style and it's a style that I like. I also love their fabric and accessories that comes with the handbag. If you ask me is it worth buying a handbag from juicy couture. Yes, it is because if you save up instead of going out buying cheaper quality purses months after months you can end up with a higher end handbag. I mean you could get maybe 3 or 4 purses instead of one but an expensive one will last you longer and you'll most likely wear it more often. While you'll end up wearing the cheaper one for a few weeks or a month or so and end up buying a new one. So why not save up and get you a nice looking purse. Don't get me wrong but cheaper handbag do come in handy at times and yes, you will find quality in some of them and it interest you but if you really want one that'll stay in style and the quality will last longer, I suggest saving up a few months or even 1 month of saving can get you a higher end handbag. Picture will be up soon....

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