Friday, May 1, 2009

Enzo Milano

I've found the perfect hair curl that'll give anyone those soft, loose curl but at the same time a little wave to it. Yes, it will give you that soft wavy look like celebrity or even on model. Yes, I am so in love with this curler and I've wored it three times so far and it gives me just a different look that I've never had with any other curler. This is my perfect hairstyle if I'm going out in the evening, special occassion or even on days when I'm all dress up.

This curler comes in all different size and can be found on a lot of different site online. You can purchase it directly from their site but I've order mine from ebay. Thanks to miss Beautyforyou blog that I've read about it and order mine immediately. I aso got my picture from her blog, I figure why not use her and skip all the uploading and etc. I've enjoy reading her blog and reading her opinions on items so if you like to read her blog type in beautyforyou and I'm pretty sure she'll appear somewhere online. Any how, the ebay seller is highly reccomend, a power seller and super fast shipping. Well, I guess it's super fast to me because I live closer to him.

I knew I wanted this curler the minute I saw it. I didn't even hesitate to order it. It probably took me less then 10 minutes to order it. I knew just from reading that I was going to enjoy this. Than I saw miss beautyforyou's blog pictures of her hair result and just fell deeper in love with it. I don't t'think I'mgoing to order any curler for now because I've been searching long enough and found "the one."

I'm so in love and happy about this curler that I've told almost everyone about it. Trust me you won't be disappointed. I did find that it did take a little longer to style your hair then usual because it doesn't have the clamp on and you have to hold your hair while curling. But the outcome of it is worth it!

Tell me your thoughts about this brand if you have tried any of his curler.

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