Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sad Day

Today, was a long day for me. It is a boring and dull day. I have been coughing lately and having a cold. I don't feel so good now and I've been feeling cranky today, especially now! Hmm...yesterday I was going to blog before leaving but I didn't have any time. We went to the Aurora outlet in Illinois, it was big and lots of walking. Got me some good stuff there, not a lot from the CCO though but I did get some goodies at the DF&CC. Having a cold right now and coughing to death so if ya know any good medicine that will heal this cold please do let me know. I've been dying to get rid of this cold because it's getting on my nerve. I've been sick this week and I haven't rest nor got enough sleep. So I think I will go eat, take a shower and get a good night rest. Thanks guys.

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