Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weekend Update

On Friday, I plan to take photos with some of my hubby's side of the family. They wanted to take photos with me so yes, I will have to wake up early to look nice in the photos. Then in the afternoon my in-law plan to go up to Minnesota and asked us to tagged along. I don't want to go up there that early so I hope that my hubby can convince them to hold out until Friday night or Saturday morning (ealry morning). I want to go to the outlet up there and malls up there but I doubt I'll have the chance since the in-law are coming. I feel awark and weird. I really want to since we're driving up there for 5 whole hours (sigh). Maybe I need to do some brainstorming and do some convincing. I was told that we won't be back til Sunday but I have a change of plan. I don't want to sleep over and I want to come home early so I will have to do some convincing to my hubby (I doubt it'll work but it's better than nothing). I'm so depress when I think about it because I don't want to go at ALL but I have no choice. I want to spend the weekend with my sister since next week she'll be having lots of visitor over at her place. I feel so sad and depress just thinking about it. Somehow I don't want any part of this I wish I could just stay back. *sigh* Well, this is about it so bless me guys and hope that my charm works on him..wink wink!

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