Thursday, May 21, 2009

Quick Update

Hey, guys how was your day today. For me it was a great day. I got to go shopping in the after noon and in the morning I did some cleaning and checking up on my things, just in case I've lost any items. I have so much with me that I'm not sure if I'm missing any thing or not. I went to Gurnee, IL today and got some goodies. I mostly spent all my money at Abercrombie. I got so much out of my bucks today! If you're in Gurnee, IL I would recommend that you go and shop at abercrombie if you like they're style of clothing because almost every thing is on sale in there. You will find lots of deal and good things. I kind of regret buying some flip flops and a few clothing but I felt that I've bought everything that I went there for! On the way home we stop by the outlet again and I went in to pick up some single eyeshadow, an eyeshadow palette and a cream color base in fresh morning. Yeo, this is pretty much it for me... I'm going to MN tomorrow so it should be interesting and fun. Haha...Idk but I hope that I will be persuasive enough to convince someone to take me to the outlet over there and to Mall of America. I haven't been there since forever, I'm not that excited about the mall but I want to do some recycling at the MAC store and maybe get some empty blush palette. Oh, I'm so excited but unsure at the same time. Well, hope you guys enjoy your weekend as for me, I'm not quite sure how I feel. I'm kind of bum out and we all know my weekend is going to be pretty interesting. See ya! BTW pictures of my haul will be up. Later!

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