Monday, May 25, 2009

Clinique 3 Step Acne System

Do you have acne problems that just seems to make you go nut? Have you tried so many drugstores and higher end brand on your acne but still it doesn't make a difference? Well, I have found the miracle product to make your acne go away! I'm so excited to talk about this product because I have tried so many products out there and at the last moment where I gave up hope and was about to leave my acne problem behind I found this product. For me, in one night I saw a different in my pore size. In one day, my pore became smalller. In two days, my acne was already there any more. In three days, my acne was gone. Yes, in just 3 days my acne was gone and boy, was I happy. I know it sounds like a joke but seriously in just 3 days my acne from my forehead disappear and gone. Whenever I feel like an acne is starting or when I do see pimps on my forehead I just use this 3 step system and's gone. My skin looks flawless without a pimp on my face.
You can find this product at any clinique standing. The price of the whole set (all three products) is $32 .50. You can find these at the CCO but only select CCO carry this line. To buy this individually could cost you more but here is a review of each product and prices: Acne Solutions Clarifying LotionGentle, medicated formula exfoliates, unclogs pores. Helps reduce excess oil that can lead to breakouts $13.50, Acne Solutions Clearing Moisturizer Oil-FreeLightweight, medicated formula helps clear and prevent blemishes. Calms, soothes, reduces redness $16.00, Acne Solutions Cleansing FoamMild, medicated formula helps clear and prevent acne. Calms, soothes, visibly reduces redness $17.50. So if you were to buy them individually it would cost: $47. If you were to buy the whole set it would be cheaper. I got my set at the CCO for $26 and wow, just now I'm surprise how cheap I got it for. So you might want to check your local CCO before buying it at the clinique stand because it'll be cheaper and more affordable.
Here is the description on the system: The Clear Skin System wastes no time in giving blemishes the boot. Does it without the dryness and irritation that generally gets skin into trouble. It's simple, scientific. Gentle exfoliation opens clogged pores, evicts blemish-causing bacteria. Targeted ingredients rush in to accelerate treatment. Keeps skin clearer, longer, too.
Here's how to use this system. It's pretty easy to follow and straight forward. You use this system twice a day. First, use the cleansing foam and let it set for a couple of seconds and massage the product on your face. Second, after cleansing use the clarifying lotion. First and every time you use this product you have to shake it up so the white solid product dissolve with the liquid. After you shook it take a cotton ball and apply it where your acne are at. This second product is the one I like the most. I could live without the other two products but this second product, I feel that it is the strongest thing that makes your pimple go away. But I would buy the whole set just because all three product works together to make your acne disappear. Plus in their own way they each contribute or should I say have their own way of making your acne smaller. Third, use the moisturizer and dot a small amount of product RIGHT on the acne spot only. Don't over use this moisturizer and apply only on area of where your acne are because if you apply too much it will dry your skin out. This is pretty easy to follow and I'm sure anyone can follow it. I've been using this set for a month now and my acne has be gone. Sometimes I just use the cleanser and the clarifying lotion only because my acne are big so I leave out the moisturizer because it tend to be strong and will cause your skin to get dry, very dry. How do I know? For the last 2 weeks I've been using all three products and sometimes I over use the moisturizer and it made my skin very dry and flaky. Overall, this is probably the BEST product I have used that made a difference in my acne. I'm very impress with this product and yes I will be buying it again and for friends and family. By the way, I forgot to say that my sister tried it for 3 days and she said the same thing. Her pimples went away and disappear. Thanks for reading and I hope you give this set a try because it is worth all the money you pay for whether it's $32 or $26!

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