Monday, May 18, 2009


Hey, guys yes, I'm here in Wisconsin already. Yesterday, was my sister's graduation I'm so proud of her. After her graduation, we went out to eat and yes, lots of photos. I didn't bring my cable cord for my camera so I'll have to wait till I get home to upload these photo. I have so much on my mind and many things to do and blog about but at the moment I'm tire and restless. These few days have been really fun and I've been really enjoying it I've been spending time with 2 of my step sister and my cousin(one who brings back so many memories). Today, I went shopping at the Prime Outlet in Pleasant Pairie and yes got me some goodies and good things. I went to the CCO first and got these MAC eyeshadow: humid, electra, go, woodwinked(a very popular one), satellite dream, rose blanc, fascinating ruby smokey eyeshadow palette(the smokey one from this past x-mas collection), cocomotion pigment, blonde's gold pigment, pastore pigment, mocha and pink swoon blush, and a clinique SPF 50 for my sister (yes, the one that graduated).

My next store was the designer fragance and cosmetic company. My sister bought some kind of exfoliator from Lancome, a moisturizer and an eye cream. I got:
-renergie eye cream
-visibily smooth and renewing moisturizer
-caban sunset eyeshadow palette (there's 4 pan and they're huge bigger than MAC pans and they're bronzy eyeshadow)
-eyeshadow in: honeymoon (highlight yellowish color), provence (matte purple), rose quartz (satin rose ), volcano (smokey grey)

I also bought honeymoon and provence for my sis as well. My experience at DF&CCO is neutral. The customer service could have been better but me finding the items and things I needed was great!

My third store was at bath and body outlet. I got 2 makeup remover face wipes for 1.99 each, a country apple hand sanitizer, 1 medium size makeup bag in black by CO BIGELOW for 6 dollars which retail price is $60. That bag was a bargain because it's medium size but when you open it up there's so much room inside of it for your makeup. There's 4 slot one on the front and back and then 2 main one in the middle. I tried it out with my makeup that I've just bought and wow, was I amaze! It has so much room, I might even go back and buy me another one. The one thing I don't like about it is that it doesn't have a handle so it'll be easier to carry it around but it's a really great bag for a really good price!

Last, I went to Coach. I bought me an over the shoulder bag, one where you can wear it over your head and chest. It's pink and I was so surprise they had it in pink. It's the new style so it's unique and different from the rest I've seen. At the last minute, I saw another one I wanted and it was in brown but my sis told me to wait and experience my pink one first, to see if I like it. If I do then I will go back and get the brown one. The brown one is their signitature style but it's different in a way that no one has it yet (not that I've seen of). So this is pretty much it and what had happen these two days. Hope ya enjoy and I know it would have been better with my photos up but like I say when I get back I will be posting my items up. Thanks guys and see ya later!

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