Monday, December 21, 2009

Collective Haul *heavy photos*

This is a collective haul from F21 to Charlotte Russe, to
Target,,, Walgreen and all
those goody store. It's been a long week and can't remember
all the store names. But let's start with all the good stuff....
I have always been very curious about this teeth whitening
from Sephora. I've read reviews about it and how it does
work for many people. Some even claim that it's the best
seller for teeth whitening but wasn't so sure of it because
it could have been advertising for all I know.

I'm on a mission to get whiter teeth. I have always been but
hated going in to the dentist and having them do the lazer treatment.
I hate how my teeth got so sensitive to it and it cost around $300 bucks,
for each time you went in. The review seem to make it sound like,if you
keep using it you'll see difference in your teeth. So I hope to give this a
try and see how I feel about it. FYI I hate the crest white stripe. And
is it just me or what? No matter what whitening product I use, I seem
to always have so much saliva in my mouth but if I spit it out it seems
as if I'm spitting out the whitening product...ugh!

I got the gel that you're suppose to use after brushing your teeth.
I just got it in the mail today and just tried it on. It's more like a
liquid in these tiny tubes and you're suppose to squeeze it and then
apply it to your teeth directly.

I got the AM and PM toothpaste because I have been dying
and on the search for a toothpaste that will actually whiten
your teeth. I have been using crest with whitening scope and
for the past six month I have seen a difference. But for the last
year, that I have started using it I have seen a big big difference
in my tooth shade. Beside I read review on these two product on
sephora and it seems to be a magical product. So we'll have to see
the results.

Does this look familiar? I was on the hunt for a really
good heated eyelash curler and out of all the one, this
product got really lucky. Thanks to eki and reading the
reviews on this product, it really made me more curious
to try it out. I did a smokey Kim K look today and was
going to try this heated eyelash curler out but I forgot
to buy batteries while I was at Walmart. *sigh* I'll have
to test it out tomorrow for sure!

Guess who....
Hahahah..yep! It's Hannah Montana. I'm not a fan but
I do dig the long hair with the front bangs. It was also
on sale for $6 bucks so I thought why not buy it? I love
this style of haircut and will probably be getting my haircut
to something similiar to this. I tried it on and as always, I
don't look good in blonde. No matter if it's a light or medium
blonde, I just don't look right. My face is too asian skin tone
for it....I'll take a picture tomorrow and show you guys what
I mean by it.

I just love the look of this reminds me of madam moiselle. Let's
see if you can read the back. I thought it was kind of cool and
neat that they had this on a safety pin and pin it with the clothing
from forever 21 twist.

I love love this hat and it's my new favorite one!
I adore it and when you curl your hair and wear
this hat, it's super chic!

These are the two hat I got from F21.

The big silver/charcoal bow. I didn't think the bow was this
big but it's super duper BIG! I quite don't know how I feel
about this headband because it seem to oversized my head
when I put it on. But I love the bow and was looking for a bigger
bow but didn't expect it to be this big. I will wear this when I
want to be a "hime gyrau." LOL!

And here is a variety of clothes from Charlotte Russe, F21,
Rue 21, TJ Maxx, Old navy, Macy, Express, Maurices,
ModaExpress, etc. I didn't have the time and didn't think
it was necessary to hang each clothes and show each item.

I have been wanting to try this next product for the longest
time. I don't know why but I do collect mascara as well as
many other things. But I wanted to test out this mascara because
it was suppose to be compare to the higher end "Givenchy"
Tooo--da! Not digging the red color but somehow it looks
good with black. Of course, anything looks good with black.
I can't give my thoughts and overall for this product yet because
I have been using it for the last 2 weeks but I'm still unsure. I'm
going to play with it some more as I have been slacking off with it
a little. I have been using it constantly for the bottom lashes but
not for the top lashes. As I find it a bit difficult to coat your top
lashes with but I have just begun starting this past weekend and
I seem to be getting the hang of it.

This is how the wand looks like. It's super tiny and I love
it for my lower lash line! It gets every single lashes and coat
them and make them stand out. I really love this wand for
the bottom lashes. I can't seem to get the result I do from this
mascara to any other mascara I have tried....for the bottom lashes.

Forgot this braclet....I got it at a random store and I thought
it would look nice with my square and circle *bling* earrings.

Here's the studio tool smudger brush. I own two
other studio tool brush and I seem to like them.
I was passing by and saw this one. I thought it would
be a nice 2 in 1 brush. A smudger brush and a smaller
flat shader brush. Smaller meaning smaller then my
MAC 139.

I don't know why I pass out on this brush or it was probably
just release. But I love how the bristle are almost one length,
curves at the top and flat. Perfect for a fraction of
the price!

Love Love Love
I don't love the trash but I love HELLO KITTY!
The thought of HK and trash can is not cute at
all. But I saw this once while in Target and I fell
madly in love with it. It was just super cute and
girly! Gotta have it!

More Details on this trash can.....hahah...if it
really is a trash can.
Love the details and decorating. Super kawaii!

Here's little miss Kitty walking her dog...which
happens to be a poodle.

Look at the mode pad. It's funny because I swear I just
now notice that it looks exactly like my little princess's
pink mode pad bike. Hahahah...I gotta tease her about this.

OMG! What is that?
I love this hello kitty Eiffel tower! It's a toothbrush
holder but I'm just going to use it as a display for my

Here's a closer view at the other side of the tower.
At the moment I'm in love with Paris and the thought
of HK and Paris together equals LOVE!

Guess Who? Who Me? Yes You!
Hehehe...the love of my life. Nah...but I do love
her alot, maybe half the love of my little princess.
At first I thought this was a soap dispenser but when
I got home I read the bottom tag of it and it said a lotion
dispenser. Well what do you know? It's perfect for my
japanese cherry blossom lotion! Love that smell but it's
even better if it's with hello kitty!

Look at little miss " Pretty Please!"
Hehehhe..I just now realize that she was give me
that puppy face and was saying " buy me please,
take me home." I swear that's how me and my little
princess got so addicted to her and had to bring her
home with us.

Nahhh..slippers. Needed new one and hello
kitty ones happen to be it. PS I love them,
they are so soft and comfortable. I didn't
wear them until a week later because I was
afraid of getting them dirty. But hey, what the heck
I bought them for a reason. It's pink so obviously it'll
be more likely to get dirtier easily. So far, so good,
there's a little bit of stain here and there but only
noticeable when you look closely.

I bought the towel because I love pink, was in need of a new towe
and I love Hello Kitty!

Here's a closer look at the detail on the towel.

I didn't buy these kitty stuff although we all know
how much love I have for hello kitty. These were
choosen and pick by my little princess. She wanted
them and they were in the one dollar aisle. Incase
you're wondering that cell phone is a play cellphone
but under neath it, it has 3 lipglosses. And that HK
doll is not a key chain it's actually a bookbag key chain.

I never cared for it and paid attention. But at the
last minute when I went in to enroll in beauty school.
I found out that that bookbag chain would be perfect
for my bookbag. Sorry, princess but I have to borrow
it and i promise to return it. As for the gloss, my little
princess seem to love that stuff and can't get enough of it!
Glad she liked it because it was well worth the buck!

Nails Nails
Don't know why I got more nail polishes. I am planning to get
a nail rack and had to count my nail polishes and guess how many
I had? I couldn't believe it myself but I had over 130 polishes. Ugh*
But somehow I couldn't resist the sale, it was buy one get one free.
Or maybe I'm just a shopaholic who seems to want everything and
gotta have everything.

earings I got at F21

The two necklace I got from F21, which I
adore them to death! Love it! Looks really
casual and nice! Very simple but it stands out!

Hahah...I just notice it two days ago when I tried the Eiffel
tower necklace on that one of the crystal was missing. I thought
maybe I was the cause of it but now looking back at these photo
it was already gone, in the first place. Urgh! I love it but hate how
it's missing a crystal. I gotta always have it perfect or precisely
otherwise it bugs me. I want to complain and get an exchange but
hey...what can you do. I might end up buying another necklace
but don't feel like wasting $$. But it really does look nice until you
actually notice something is missing...guess what it is?

Random earring at random store.

My Konad nail art special polish! From black to left:
black, yellow, green, royal purple, gold, red, blue,
white, pastel pink.
*royal purple is a true dark purple, almost black but if you
look closely it's a true dark purple. Reminds me of OPI nail
polish Linkin' Park. Note: these are not regular nail polish nor
are you suppose to appaly them to your nails like regualr polish.
These are for the disk and for special nail art work only.

*if you want to find out more, you can research about them.
But this is it for now. Have you guys been stocking up on things
or been hauling a lot lately? Somehow I don't know if I'm in the
spirit of X-mas or the holiday but I seem to be a shopping alot.
It's seems pretty addicting and I'm trying to stop myself from
getting so many things.
Ugh....I'm on project 10 pan but seems like miy shopaholic
is taking over me. But I didn't do a lot of makeup haul which
is great because saving that for later. I will admit that I'm a little
bit back on wanting to haul for more makeup. But I have to stop
myself because enough is enough and when it's not necessary, it's
gotta go!