Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tres Paris *heavy photos*

I have been dying to get my hands on this collection by Forever 21 and
it has finally arrived! I made my purchase right when I got the email
about this collection. I normally don't shop at Forever 21 except for there
accessories and dresses. Every time when I'm there, I feel like there's so
much to choose from and it makes me feel overwhelm, that's why I hate,
no I mean dislike shopping there.
But lately now I have been so addicted to that store and I just wanted
to share with you guys some of the outfits from this collection. I think
it's so super cute and chic!

FYI all photos courtesy of

I was going to get the leg warmer but I'm unsure of the
flowers, I feel that it's not that cute as it may seem.
But I do love the bow on the short, it's cute!

I love her bangs! Hahahah..that was lame but
I have to admit I'm loving that style of bang! I
love her tight sock. When you look through all
the photos you may notice that you see her wearing
this tight sock over and over. You'll seriously agree
with me that the way she paired it up with her outfits
are super duper cute!

Nothing much to say about this outfit except
the hat is okay but always and forever, digging
the knee high sock.

I love this whole outfit! It's super Paris, here I come!
Hehehe...but I love the knee high sock with the bow.
I regret not getting knee high sock with bow, in the last
two years. I haven't seen this style anywhere but I
won't stop here, I will continue searching for the knee
high sock with a bow.
Another thing about this outfit is the shirt. If you can read it, it says
"tres chic" with a rose or flower attach to the shirt. This shirt is
pretty plain and simple but it makes it seem like if you're it, you
are from London, Paris or Milan. Hahahha..cheesy but it's simple-ness
is what makes it stand out. It will be cute to pair it up with lots
of things.

Love this bow skirt! I got mine already and just waiting for
it to arrive! At first, I didn't add it to my cart but after seeing
a couple of these outfits, I fell in love with it. I love the bow and
I think it's the main reason why I bought it. I'm going to pair this
skirt up to make it my version of the hime gyrau style.

Love the grey cardagin

I like the vest and I was debating on getting it
or not. But at the end, I decided not to get
because I think I own too many vests. But I
did get the hat in cream and black. Do you think
the polka dot leggings are cute? I thought it was
too but didn't know if it'll look right.

I love this hat but too bad they didn't
have it for sale, on the site. I'm not sure
if they do have it in store or not. Or if it's
just another one of those product that is there
but not sold in store or online. Some things
you see the model wearing aren't found on the site
so I am guessing it is there to make the outfit look better.
Sad though, because they would have been sold out if
it was sold. I like it so much!

I have never really paid attention to this
outfit but looking at it now, I really like it.
Do you notice that she's atcually wearing
the cosmetic ruffle shirt underneath that
cardagin? I didn't even notice that it was
pictures of cosmetic on the ruffle shirt until
I went back and relook at every outfit to see
if there was anything new on it. I think every
makeup geek needs that shirt or the cosmetic
cardagin, that is sold online as well.

I like the white coat but too bad, I just
bought mine on black friday. But I still
think it's cute and I would have to try it
in person, to see if I like it.

I dig this whole outfit, well maybe except
the shoes. I usually don't go for colorful
jacket but somehow this jacket caught my
attention, in a weird way. I think it's such a
unique jacket and it'll definitely make me feel
like I'm a London girl! Hahhaa..LOL! What I
want most out of this whole outfit is the bag. That
white tote is super duper cute and adorable. Too
bad this is one of those item that aren't for sale.

This is the outfit that caught my attention into
loving this collection by forever21. I love everything in
this outfit. From head to toe, it's super cute and super

Love the cardagin, with a bow. My
color and my style!

I love the long cardagin but it
wasn't for sale.

Love the shirt underneath that

If you look at the cardagin it looks like
a bunch of blotchy spot. But if you look
closely, you'll notice that it's makeup and
frangances. This is their cosmetic cardagin.
I think it's cute, even the way she paired it
up in this outfit.

Well this is it for now. Let me know if you guys have
shopped for this collection already or not. I don't know
about you guys but I'm feeling Paris and London emotion.
This collection definitely inspire me to mix and match my
fashion style. Hope that you guys enjoyed it and love the
photos as much as I did.

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