Monday, December 21, 2009

In and Out, Project 10 Pan

To summarize everything, I have started my project 10 pan
a few weeks ago. Meaning that some of my pack up items
are now open and ready to be use.
Other then that I wanted to share my creative side
of me with you of you guys. While working on this project
brought back so many memories from the old days. The
days when I was still in junior high where I would get compliment
on my creativity. I feel that I have lost that part of me these 3-4

As you can see I love love this cardagin from Old Navy.
I have it for a couple of years now and it's still in great
shape and condition. I love it it so much and adore it. When
I shop for a cardagin I feel that nothing quite fit this one.
This cardagin seems to be plain and ugly but when you
have it on, it's a whole different story. That was how it started
and after the dressing room, it was love! This cardagin seem
to match every single outfit and what ever you're wearing.
Whether it's tank top, blouse, party dress or evening dress
this is my go to cardagin. It just makes everything looks so
fit and right...perfect is the word to describe it! The only thing
I hated about it the last year was that there use to be beads and
those plastic gems on it and it was coming apart and didn't look
pretty anymore.

So I somehow was buying tons of clothes and got a shirt that
was missing a jewel. So I went to all my local craft store and
they didn't have the size for that jewel there. A few days later
I thought to myself, hmmm....why didn't I think of it in the first place.
Then that was when I got the idea of taking the rest of the beads and
gems off and went out and bought these white crystal jewels, instead.
This is the before picture, I knew i should have taken a photo of how
it originally looked like before putting these jewels on but i forgot.
I will show the after photo in a different blog.

Project 10 Pan
Finally it's gone. I bought this brush cleaner at CVS and
it's from essence of beauty. Overall, it's an okay product.
It does get some of the products out but yet, I still have
to use baby shampoo afterward to really deep clean my
brushes. I kind of hate the smell of it, don't remember how
it smells like but I didn't like it. It's not a smell that will
make your nose sneeze right away but it was just something
about it that I didn't like it. But I did love love the packaging and
how easy it was to squirt the product out right into the brush.
Some packaging sucks because they are great product but no spray
cap *hint, hint* MAC! LOL! While others have either great or
not great at all product but yet their squirt spray sucks! Doesn't
properly work! Overall, it's good for the price, you get your money
worth of it and packaging great!

Since the essence of beauty brush cleaner is out
my MAC brush cleaner are in. Bought this thing
months ago but haven't used it and tested it out.
Total FOB! I was just saving it for the
special moment but hey, what is the special moment?
Well now seem to be like the special moment.
I 'm going to see if this is as good as everyone
has been raving about. I also got a really good
deal for it so I'm lovin' it. That's pretty much it for

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