Saturday, December 5, 2009

Forever 21 Craze

Like I have mention in the last blog, I have
been hungry for more items from this store.

Here I am going to share some of my love for
some of the things that seem to catch my eyes.
Some items here I have purchase them and are
waiting for it to arrive and others are those that
are giving me mix feeling and are undecided.
All clothing are from f21 and shoes are from
I love the bow in the center, it so unique and
American style hasn't had anything like this
before, so I'm surprise. I like everything except
the bottom of this tank top. I'm still debating if
I should get it or not. I think I would like to try
it in person then just ordering it off the site.

I love everything about this shirt except I'm
not digging the color. I think the color kind of
look dull but looking at it right now, it seems
like a light pink shade more then peachy. I
don't know what's wrong with my eyes but the
color looks like a mix of light pink and a peachy color.
Anyway I love the writing and the art on it.

This is the cosmetic ruffle shirt I was talking about.
I would really like to try it on and see if it matches me.
The colors are kind of dull so it matches only certain
people and for those who are yellow undertone like me,
we have to really "work it" in order for it (meaning this
shirt) to look right on us. I want to order it online but
then I am having doubt that it might not look right on me
so I think I'll have to wait and see how things go...with my
two orders that I purchased first before making another

This is the cosmetic cardagin I was talking about.
Again this is one of those item that I have to try it
in person to see if it'll suit me or not. But I am loving
the detail on it and cardagin, in general.

These are another pair of shoe I want to get. They're
call York. Which I think does match the shoe because
they do remind me of the city New York because so
many celebrity live there, work there and travel there
and are wearing these type of high heels too. The name
just says it all for the shoes!

These are called Whippet and they are pretty
similiar to York but different in the back and
with the "t" strap in the middle. These would
be great with skirts and dresses.

I did order these but they were both sold out
in both color and in my size. How sad because
I really wanted them! These are called Vance.
I think I prefer the brown one then the black one.
Somehow the black just blend into each other
and the brown stand out more when being compare
to the black one. Maybe I'll be in luck if they have
it in stock again.

I wanted this dress even though the
design on it isn't that flattering. But
after a while, the design does seem
to look appealing! But they don't have
it in my size. I guess I have to go in store
and see if they still have it left.

Like I said, I have to share my love for this dress.
I can't wait to try it on and see how it turns out to

This dress isn't all that or a must have. But I
do like the first part of the dress. I don't like
the navy strap around the belly part and I
definitely hate the bottom part. It makes it
seem like this dress is so cheap and lame. Even
after all these thoughts about this dress. I still can't
help but have mix feeling for it.

Another item I think "it's okay" and
I would have to try it on in person.
I will say that I'm not loving the fur
at the ends of both arm.

and most!

I found my dress for the next party or
special event. I feel in love with it right
at the moment when I first saw it! I knew
it was love at first sight..hahaha...corny but
it's true. I feel like this is the perfect dress
for the next big event and it's the next big
thing. Hahaha...but totally lovin' it! I can't
wait for it to arrive and to wear it!

Like I have said a million time. I like the bow
and the stripes on this short but it's a mix feeling.
I don't know if I should get it since it's freakin' cold
right now and who would wear this at the moment.
I guess considering the weather and everything, this
piece might be on hold until further notice.

I can't express how I feel for this cardagin.
I feel that this is the perfect cardagin! It has
amazing color on it and the design/style is just
my type. But most of all, it has the bow at the
corner and it's long sleeve perfect for this cold

The vest that I'm digging. It has been awhile
since I have seen a vest that I really like. This
one however is different from the rest of my vest
collection that I own. To me, this vest is more casual
and dressy for the work place then for a dress up outfit.
I think I would like to try this on in person before making
any conclusion. It has been awhile but I get the feeling that
this one won't disappoint me.

Isn't this the cutest tank you have ever seen
or what? It is to me, I am regretting that I
didn't get this one in one of my order. Now my
heart and mind is pounding to get it. Even though
it's very simple and plain. It makes me feel like I am
in Paris and I am one of those London people. Hehehe..
the flower just top it all off!

I'm not so crazy about the flower or the
design or the color. But somehow this skirt
really caught my fashion sense. It's so weird
and out of the ordinary for me that makes me
want to own it in my collection, as well. I think
it will be super cute pair up with the other things
that I bought.

I love the design on this shirt and the
style of it. I love the two pocket on the
side and how it's a long shirt which mean
you can wear legging or tights with it but
I hate the main color grey. I think I will
have to jugde for it for myself in person.

I feel that I might have just found the perfect skirt,
for an everyday wear or for a night out. I have been
searching for a floral print skirt of this type but never
saw the right flower on it or right design on it, until I
saw this one. It's not a "bam, or boom" skirt that captures
your attention in a second. But if you look at it for a couple
of second you'll capture it's beauty. I really want it and since
I own 2 of these type of skirt I'm still deciding if I should
get it off online or wait for the in store purchase. No matter
what, I feel that this is the perfect skirt and will wait to have
it in my hand.

This is it for now, I hope my saying and bragging about these
things haven't gotten to ya. I feel that there are a lot more things
I love from forever21 but my words can't express how I feel for them.
I never knew that one store could make me become a mad shopper and
turn me into a shopaholic! I think I'm really turning into a shopaholic.
Let me tell you the difference I have always shop and that's
doubt. But when you want to shop or do shop constantly, non-
stop like an addiction is call a shopaholic for real. I'm turning
into Rebecca Bloomwood in Confession of a Shopaholic. Hahaha..
if you haven't seen that movie, it's a really good one plus her boss
is cute like hell. Hahhaha..I wouldn't mind coming to work having
a fine ass boss, always making my heart go...thump thump....hehehe
that's it for now.

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