Friday, December 4, 2009

New Love for Umbrella

I was shopping last week and heard this song playing. It was umbrella but with a different singer and a the beat was in a slower rhythm. It was a very nice version even if it wasn't the original "umbrella."

A couple of days later, I was searching for a movie call "A walk to

remember" starting mandy moore. Guess, what I saw? On the

related playlist I saw her music videos and came across one video.

It was her singing umbrella live, with a whole bunch of guys in the

back. I found it and it was the exact same voice I heard when I was

in Rue 21. Hahaha...I thought I share my love for her and that song.

I'm so in love with it and somehow listening to her version doesn't

make me bore of it. When I first listen to rihanna's version, it got

boring after listening to it for a couple of time. I'm loving mandy's

version a lot more. I feel that it's more calm and more touching!

Makes me wanna sing it now, hahhahaa!

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